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I am Ajit Bahadur. After working in the solar industry for 20 years, now its time to share the knowledge and experience with others.

In these 20 years I have worked on many projects and products and with many industry experts also.
Solar is not my passion only, in these years I have met and worked with many passionate persons, and few of these industry experts, SNA officers, MNRE officers, professors, and trendsetters have also shared their knowledge and experience on this channel.

The YouTube channel and other social media platform is the best platform to share your knowledge, the best part is you can watch these videos at your convenience.

Through this channel, we provide relevant information on solar energy products, application, developments, and the government policy procedure and guidelines to install these systems.

Apart from that if you have also done something remarkable, something unique, beneficial to the industry, you can share that with us, we will definitely showcase that on our platform.

These informative videos are useful to those already working in this industry, want to join this industry, or interested in the end product. Watch these videos, like and share with others, share your comments, recommendations, requirements on solarismypassion@gmail.com .

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